About MedicOne Medical Response

History & Corporate Leadership

MedicOne Medical Response has positioned itself to be the leading frontline healthcare transportation provider throughout Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, and Illinois. Founded in 1999 in the heart of North Texas, MedicOne Medical Response has more than 400 employees, a fleet of over 70 vehicles and performs more than 65,000 patient transports each year. MedicOne Medical Response is proud to hold multiple county 911 contracts as well as non emergency hospital system contracts across 9 operations in 4 states.  

Since it's inception in 1999, MedicOne Medical Response has grown significantly year over year and is proud to be a privately held, family owned organization. 

Mission Statement

We  are  committed  to  being  an  industry-leading  provider  of  

Emergency  and  Non-Emergency  Medical  Services  with  a  mission  

to  make  a  critical  difference  in  the  lives  of  our  patients  and  

customers.  The  hallmarks  of  our  dedication  to  our  patients  and  

customers  are  demonstrated  by  our  commitment  to:  

 Clinical  Excellence  

 Standardized  Best  Practices  

 Response  Time  Compliance  

 Industry  Leading  Safety  &  Compliance  Standards  

 Enhanced  &  Cutting  Edge  Technology  

 Superior  Customer  Service  

 Efficient  &  Effective  Business  Models

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Corporate Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer


James Reeves

Executive Vice President


Crystal Reeves

Chief Financial Officer


Stuart Mitts

Vice President of Operations


Patrick Stiver

Director of Clinical Services


Christopher Royal

Director of Human Resources


Karen Harmon